Terms of Use

My Terms-Of-Use are very simple:   You may print the items I have made to give to friends and family. Printables can be used commercially and sold at Gift Shops, Craft Fairs and online stores as long as they are sold only as a complete project. The printables can not be sold just as a printable in any digital format.

Have any questions ?...E-mail me HERE.

You are NOT ALLOWED to :

  • Mass produce for commercial selling
  • Resell my printables in any digital format
  • Make them available on any website as a printable
  • Add them to a cd for resale

Graphic Clipart Collections:

TOU updated as of 1-25-2010

In regards to the graphics from Alice Smith, her new TOU ONLY APPLY to anything new added on Sunflower Friends from Jan 22, 2010 and on. Everything previous to this date may STILL BE PURCHASED and used in the same manner as it always has.  As of this date I have not added any new collections . In the future if I add any new collections from Alice I will clearly state that it is a new collection and her new TOU apply.

In regards to the file sharing groups we NEVER allowed any  graphics purchased from Sunflower Friends to be shared as graphics or tubes in any groups, this is illegal and not tolerated.

As far as sharing your printable crafts, candy bar wrappers etc.., digitized embroidery patterns, basically things made out of  graphics by Alice Smith ( Whimsy Primsy, Clipart4resale) is ok as long as the items are merged / flattened / locked un-editable format where the graphics can not be extracted. If you use the graphics to create it you may sell or share it, that's up to you.

Please see below for TOU for graphics by Cheryl Seslar of Raggedy Scrappins

You may use Graphic Images you purchase from me to make products to sell at Craft Fairs, Gift Shops, Online Stores, Embroidery, Printables, Cards, Tags..etc...etc...

Graphics are NOT to be compiled and resold on disc or offered in any other way in the original format. They must always be flattened/enbedded in a background..frame..etc..etc..

 Graphic Images are not to be mass produced or sold to any company for mass production.

****Graphic by Cheryl Seslar of Raggeddy Scrapppins

Graphics by Cheryl Seslar ( Raggedy Scrappins) are Personal Use Only Unless you home Cheryls commercial license.

Nothing has changed regarding the use of Cheryl Seslars graphics, her graphics can only be used in the creation of items for your OWN webiste, eBay, ESTY or the crafts u print website (Providing you hold her Crafts U Print License) This has always been her TOU and nothing has changed.  If you have any questions on Cheryl's collection please check her TOU at www.raggedyscrappin.com

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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